Mystique Licorne specializes in creating designs for various types of gifts and apparel. It is a family owned and operated business registered and based in the province of Ontario, Canada.

What began as making fun crafts for their daughter the Mystique Licorne founders, Darryl & Adrianna, decided to turn their passion into a full-time home based business. The company name Mystique Licorne came from two very special places. The name “Mystique” is co-founder Adrianna Burma’s middle name. The name “Licorne” is the french version of the word “unicorn” which was inspired by the nickname that the founders have for their daughter.

Darryl and Adrianna both believe that if you work hard enough and keep your dreams alive they really do come true. They both love the fact that they are achieving their dreams of owning their own business, doing what they love, sharing their passion with others and helping to add a bit more magic to the world.

Mystique Licorne values each and every customer and takes pride in everything they design, create and sell in their shop. Here you will find unique crafts and gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes downloadable stationary products, kids apparel, handmade jewelry, crafts, coffee mugs, custom designed t-shirts, unique wall art and canvases, seasonal items, phone covers, home decor and more! It’s a fun place to shop for every magical type of gift.

Mystique Licorne seeks inspiration for most of their products from the more innocent side of things. As though looking through a child’s eyes.

Mystique Licorne aims to create quality products made with love and care. They strive to ensure their customers receive the best quality and most unique products when they order from them.

Mystique Licorne

Adrianna Burma – Co-Founder & Co-Owner

For as long as Adrianna can remember she’s loved painting, drawing/sketching, designing and building crafts. She always enjoys exploring her artistic and creative side. She also has many years of prior experience in the acting and modeling world. Through her acting and modeling she obtained many useful skills that she has carried over to the Mystique Licorne company and brand.

Darryl Burma – Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Darryl has over 20 years of online digital media, development and design experience. He loves to build and create. After becoming a husband and father he decided to shift his focus from the highly saturated web development industry and gear his energy towards Mystique Licorne. He brings his creativity and over two decades of design, online marketing, and leadership skills to the team.