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The Story Behind Our “I Make My Own Rhymes” T-shirt and Coffee Mug

Many of the products that we design and sell in our online Canadian gift and craft shop have stories behind them. We wish to share some of those stories with you. Some stories are funny while others are sweet. Each story has meaning to us as a family and we hold them close to our hearts. The story behind this product is a funny one that we believe others will be able to relate to.

Our “I Make My Own Rhymes” t-shirt is kind of an inside joke between my husband and I. We have a few sayings between us that we often use and some of them we feel make great t-shirts. This particular shirt’s saying comes from something my husband says on a regular bases. Often times when I question how he does things or let him know that something isn’t right (in my opinion) he will reply with “I make my own rhymes”. This saying basically means I make my own path or I do things my way. He loves this saying and we both find it funny.

One day I told him that I thought this saying would make a great t-shirt and he of course agreed! At first I attempted to make it into a shirt on my own with some fabric spray and a stencil I made using our Cricut wireless cutting machine. I was hoping to surprise him but the prototype didn’t work out as well as I had planned. It was sort of a messy disaster really. We then sat down and I told him what my idea was visually and how I wished for it to look. Together we brought it to life!

I know this saying makes for a great t-shirt and coffee mug because there are many people who think this way. Many people also know other’s who think like this so it even makes for a great gift.

We have many other stories behind our products that we’re excited to be sharing over time on our blog. We’d love for you to stay in the loop and encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter. Signing up for our newsletter will also enable you to be informed first of any new deals and products. So until next time keep your dreams alive and we look forward to sharing our next story with you!

Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma is the Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Mystique Licorne.
Adrianna Burma
Adrianna Burma

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