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Hazel’s Pick of the Month September 2018

Every month an article will be posted sharing with all of you what our daughter Hazel feels is the must have for the month to come. Hazel has the final say on all the products we sell; if they do not get her smile of approval then we go back to the drawing board. Every item in our shop has the official Hazel smile of approval but there are some that receive bigger smiles than others. Each month we will share one of those products with you.

Hazel had to think long and hard about her pick this month for she loves so many products that are in our shop. She has had to go through multiple times in order to figure out which item would be perfect for her first selection. Well Hazel has finally decided which item she would love to share with everyone. This particular product means a lot to her for her daddy designed it because of the love he has for her and he knows many other parents feel the same as he and I do.

This item also comes from the apparel section which is one of Hazel’s favorite categories in the shop. It’s a great category for there are many fun shirts that have been designed by Mr and Mrs Burma that you can choose from. If you haven’t already guessed it, Hazel’s pick of the month for September 2018 is the “Life is Magical when you have a Daughter” t-shirt. Hazel smiles ear to ear every time she sees this shirt for she knows she is the one who inspired her father to design it.

Any mom and/or dad who have a daughter knows how true this statement is. Hazel loves the fact that this shirt rings true for so many parents out there and she wants to make sure everyone knows it has her 100% smile satisfaction seal. This shirt is the perfect addition to any parents collection and it doesn’t matter if their little girl is a newborn or in their 30’s. What this shirt represents remains true no matter the age. Hazel would like to add that it may also help when you want to make your teenage daughter feel a little embarrassed in public with your show of affection.

Well Hazel says she needs to wrap up this article for it’s almost nap time. If you enjoyed this article then please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay informed as to when the next Hazel Pick of the Month is published. Thank you for reading and until next time the team at Mystique Licorne wishes you a magical month ahead!

Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma is the Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Mystique Licorne.
Adrianna Burma