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Hazel’s Pick of the Month October 2018

This is a very special month for our sweet little Hazel turns one! Not only that but Hazel also knows this is the month that has mommy’s favorite holiday. Yes, you guessed it, Halloween of course! This time of year is filled with nice crisp air, beautifully colored trees, cozy sweaters and hot chocolate. So, Hazel has decided to make this months pick a special one.

This was one of the first products we handmade and placed in our shop. Hazel knows how proud I am of myself for this was the first time I ever made this type of homemade product. This months pick got her smile and seal of approval right away. She even helped pick out the pieces. When we found our first piece the idea of how it was going to be made came naturally.

So, without further ado, the product Hazel is choosing for this month’s pick is the one of a kind Mystique Fairy Garden. She just loves looking at it all the time. She is always mesmerized with it and is so proud of mommy for being able to bring this fairy garden to life. This item has sparked many ideas for future products that she hopes everyone will love and enjoy. The Mystique Fairy Garden is a beautiful and original home decor piece that now simply needs to find a home. Hazel believes that this product will fill your heart with magic and joy every time you look at it.

If it were up to Hazel we would keep this product just for her. But she understands that we have created it so whoever buys it will have a fairy to help their plants grow. To celebrate this pick of the month we’ve even decided to have a sale and shave $20 off the regular price. So don’t miss out on this great deal!

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Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma is the Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Mystique Licorne.
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Adrianna Burma

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