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Hazel’s Pick of the Month March 2019

We know it’s been a while since we’ve done a “Hazel’s Pick of the Month” article (and our apologies for that), but we hope you find this months featured items worth the wait!

Okay, so this time we should label it “picks” of the month because Hazel is excited to share 2 cool new products with you! Introducing our uniquely designed “Chocolate is the Answer” and “Caffeine Freak” expandable grip and stand PopSockets for mobile devices. Either of these cool accessories will compliment your smartphone or tablet perfectly!

Hazel’s favorite is the chocolate one. She was addicted to chocolate before she even tried it for the first time! As parents, my husband and I made a decision that Hazel wouldn’t have any chocolate until she turned 1. Before then, she’d get excited any time she saw mom or dad eating chocolate and was upset when we wouldn’t share. So being addicted to chocolate before fully knowing what it even is must be a genetic thing in the DNA or something! Now she’s 16 months old and one of dad’s favorite things to do is give her chocolate mint ice cream for desert after supper!

Of course Hazel loves the design for the Caffeine Freak PopSocket but is still too young to try coffee. Although, she did get a hold of daddy’s spoon on the kitchen counter one day which had a few drops of coffee on it. Needless to say she liked the taste!

These products will only be on sale on Amazon for a limited time so be sure to order today! We’ve also temporarily reduced the price to only $11.99. That’s a great deal! They’re a perfect accessory for your mobile device. They also make for great and affordable gifts for anyone you know who is a chocoholic or coffee lover!

Chocolate is the Answer Expanding Mobile Device Stand

Caffeine Freak Expanding Mobile Device Stand

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