Hazel and Lyra's Picks

Hazel and Lyra’s Monthly Pick January 2023

Wow! Another year has gone by and so many things have happened for my sister Lyra and I. Recently we celebrated Christmas with our family and got many cool toys. Unfortunately we didn’t know of this new product we’ve chosen to be our first ever article post of 2023 until after Santa came. Our daddy is the one who made the unicorn logo for our shop and I love it, it’s my favorite unicorn ever!

Daddy put the unicorn logo on a brand new hoodie which comes in 8 different colors. My favorite color is the lavender, Lyra likes the Dark Heather more. What a perfect time to add a new hoodie to your wardrobe. A new year, a new me look. If you ask me I think this hoodie would be the perfect addition to any pre or post gym attire, It’s also great for just chilling out and relaxing with friends and family (everyone will be envious of your new look). Want to impress your daughter, niece or little sister? Make sure you get them this hoodie they will love you 3000 with this gift.

Who needs a special occasion like Christmas or birthdays for something like this? This hoodie makes for the perfect “I was just thinking about you gift”. The smile on their face will say it all. I know I want this hoodie and so do my friends (I started school this year) many kids love my clothes from Mystique Licorne. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see this new hoodie.

If you’re thinking about “what would I wear” with the hoodie we also have many awesome legging to choose from. So no worries in the fit department, you will be influencer chic when you walk out your door with my favorite picks. Okay all clich├ęs aside, my sister and I agree this is a great gift to kick off the new year in 2023.

Oh speaking of which, I need to go get ready, we are having our own New Year’s eve celebration with sparkling apple juice, snacks and putting up our new calendars. This is the first year mom and dad are letting me stay up later than my bedtime for changing of the years. I would like to wish you all a very magical new year’s and I hope 2023 will be filled with lots of love, magic and happiness for everyone.

Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma is the Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Mystique Licorne.
Adrianna Burma