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Hazel and Lyra’s Monthly Pick April 2021

Well not only is it April 1st, but spring has sprung as well. This means it’s time for Hazel and Lyra’s monthly pick! I’ve had long meetings and many dinner discussions with the girls on this one. It makes perfect sense as to why they chose this particular product, and I don’t disagree.

Now if you ask me, the gals are only choosing this product because of how excited they got when they recently received something similar in the mail from grandma and grandpa. They’ve selected something really cute for this month’s pick, which is our newly listed printable Easter card. The girls believe everyone needs a card for all special occasions. For a limited time from now until Monday, April 04, 2021, use our promo code “HAPPYEASTER” to save $2 on this card. This means you’ll only have to pay .99 cents!

I cannot tell you the excitement that took place in our home when this card was designed. The smiles sealed the deal on the final look. My husband and I agree with the girls that cards are a great gift from loved ones, especially with what we do with them. We decided when Hazel was a baby that we’d keep every card she ever received in a box for her, and when she gets to a certain age we will give her the box of cards so she can see them all again. We have cards from people who, sadly, have passed on since she was born and it will help her to remember them.

What is so great about this printable card? Well it’s instantly downloadable and as stated in the name it’s printable. So you can download and print this card right away, or at your convenience. This Easter card is guaranteed to be a hit with any little one in your life. The cuteness and the peek a boo element are just the right combo for the kids.

Make sure you come back each month for Hazel and Lyra’s monthly pick. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified when our monthly picks are posted. We keep you up to date in order to let you know about any new products, deals, or articles. Our daughter’s also want to wish everyone a very happy Easter this year and they hope the Easter bunny treats you all well.

Adrianna Burma

Adrianna Burma

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